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Where do I find my serial number?


Depending on the make of your machine, you can find the serial number either:

1.       On the exterior frame below the window on the boom side of the cab (usually on the left, front or operator side).

2.       On the interior when you open the cab door, on the bottom interior door frame.

For Liebherr excavators, look for the VIN plate on the non-cab side of the excavator near the step ladder.

Wheel Loaders

1.       On the exterior of the machine’s “shoulders” - in the area where the boom and the cab meet (behind the front tires) or on the frame below the cab door. 

2.       On the interior of the wheel loader below the dashboard in the operators cab. Be careful not to confuse this with the ROPS plate which is attached on the window support.

Backhoe Loaders

Depending on the make of your machine, you can find the serial number either:

1.       On the exterior where the cab where the arm meets the cab.

2.       On the interior behind the brake pedal in the operators cab.

What is our core criteria?


We accept almost all component cores as long as they’re assembled and complete. We accept damaged, broken, or worn cores. We do not accept burnt cores or if they’re structurally irreparable. No pictures are needed to send in your component cores. No cores needed for arms, booms, some engines, swing bearings, wear undercarriage components (tracks, rollers, track guides).


You’ll need to send us a few pictures of your cab to assess its eligibility. Stand three meters back and take three to four clear and complete photos showing the outside of your cab from different angles. Take a close-up photo of the damage as well. We’ll let you know within a few business hours if your core is approved.   

We accept cabs with broken windows, dents to the frame or door, crushed top lids from roll overs or falls, and all sorts of other damage. If your cab is in exceptionally rough shape, we can offer partial core credit in some cases. We do not offer core credits on burnt or structurally irreparable cabs. However, you’d be surprised with some of the cabs we’ve accepted, so give us a try.

What can I do if my core is not accepted?

BRIKERS has one of the most relaxed core acceptance criteria policies you’ll find. However, if we don’t accept your core, you have two options:

  1. Send us other cores. If you have any other used components laying around your yard, you can possibly trade that instead. We are open to exchanges of other cores, used components, cabs, or even other machines.
  2. You can sell us your broken machine. Depending on the condition and it’s shipping location, we’ll purchase the entirety of your machine at the end of its life. Salvaged machines are an important part of our component rebuilding business. This is a good option if your machine has a damaged component that’ll cost more than it’s worth to replace.

How do I send you my core?

We make sending in your core a free and easy process. We pay for the freight, any custom fees and arrange the shipping truck pickup from where we originally shipped the component to. All you need to do is:

1.       Drain the component of fluid.

2.       Plug any oil ports as they were on the component received.

3.       Secure it to the same pallet the new component arrived on using metal strapping or fasteners.  

We require cores to be returned within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us once the core is available for pickup and we’ll take care of the rest.

*disclaimer – free shipping on continental Canada and the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).


BRIKERS is not an authorized dealer for these manufacturers. Logos are for illustrative purposes only.