If your Excavator's Propel Motors seize, your machine is stuck, rendering you unable to complete your task, meet your deadlines, and move your business forward. These Motors, sometimes called Track Motors or Travel Motors, can sustain damage in a lot of ways, too. The pistons, lens plate, or barrel can be over-stressed from contamination or excessive speed. Propel Motors can also go down due to the Shaft's deterioration caused by routine wear and tear. But whether it’s these issues or something else, BRIKERS knows that you can lose precious time on the job waiting for parts when your machine is our of commission.

That's why we stock Excavator Propel Motors for all major manufacturers, including CAT, John Deere, Hitachi, Komatsu, CASE, Link-Belt, and more. Many of these motors are new OEM powerplants, and our rebuilt units are reconditioned by expert technicians who carefully inspect, lap, and reseal each one. We then perform rigorous evaluations on our in-house test bench to ensure there’s no leakage, confirm the speeds, and verify brake operation before the Excavator Propel Motor is ready to ship. With BRIKERS extensive stock of Excavator Propel Motors and other heavy-duty equipment parts, we aim to minimize your downtime. We offer quick turnaround times, and some orders may even ship the same day! 

Which Brands Of Excavator Propel Motors Do We Carry?

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BRIKERS is not an authorized dealer for these manufacturers. Logos are for illustrative purposes only. 

Examples of Excavator Propel Motors We've Rebuilt and Tested 

John Deere Propel MotorJohn Deere Excavator Propel Motor

Caterpillar Propel Motor
Caterpillar Excavator Propel Motor

Hitachi Propel Motor
Hitachi Excavator Propel Motor

Komatsu Propel Motor
Komatsu Excavator Propel Motor

Vovo Propel Motor
Volvo Excavator Propel Motor

A Builder, Not a Broker

BRIKERS makes some big claims about our parts inventory and quick shipping, and we back them up with a unique approach to business. Most so-called “parts suppliers” you find online aren’t selling their own parts. They’re acting as middlemen to the actual suppliers and inserting an extra step — and often extra mark-ups — into the process. BRIKERS, however, has its own 44,000-square-foot storage facility that holds more than 10,000 individual components right on-site and ready to go. Once you’ve completed your order it’s just a matter of prepping, packaging, and shipping all at the same location. It makes next-day shipping a breeze, and, in some cases, we can even get your shipment out the same day you place your order!



Top Quality

Built and tested by Red Seal certified technicians

Fair Pricing

Up to 60% less than new OEM components

In Stock

Over 10,000 parts on our shelves to choose from

Ready To Ship

Same day shipping on orders before 2 pm PST

Founded in 1999, BRIKERS has built a well-deserved reputation for supplying high-quality heavy-equipment parts to operators around the world — and doing it quickly and affordably. The key to our success? One of the largest inventories of heavy-duty equipment parts in all of North America, most professionally reconditioned by our certified Red Seal mechanics. They’ll minimize downtime and maximize productivity even in older machines that are no longer supported by brand-new parts.


BRIKERS is not an authorized dealer for these manufacturers. Logos are for illustrative purposes only.