The Hitachi brand has been helping advance industry ever since it founded its first electric-motor repair shop in 1910, and its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and durability continues to run strong in its modern construction equipment. And keep in mind that Hitachi doesn’t get sidetracked by other machines: The only construction equipment the brand builds are Excavators and Haulers. This sharp focus shows in models ranging from the compact Hitachi ZX17U-5, known as the tiny titan, to the mighty Hitachi Forester ZX210F-6 that’s built from the ground up specifically for forestry work. Other leading Hitachi Excavators, like the EX1200-7 and ZX300LC-6, can be found helping companies get the most out of their mining business.

These machines take a beating, as do their hammers, rippers, buckets, and coupler attachments, all of which may need to be replaced or repaired during a job. But you can count on BRIKERS to carry those components, as well as 14 major components such as final drives, hydraulic cylinders, main pumps, booms, arms, and more, to keep your equipment running. We are the largest heavy-duty parts supplier globally; we know minimal downtime matters, and some orders may even ship the same day since we have up to three generations of parts in stock for every piece of equipment we offer. With BRIKERS expertise, you can rely on us for all your heavy-duty equipment component needs!

Hitachi Excavator Components

BRIKERS' massive inventory of parts for Hitachi equipment comes from many sources, including used parts, salvaged parts, and OEM surplus and aftermarket parts that are brand new and ready for their first installation.

We also specialize in rebuilt and remanufactured parts for Hitachi excavators. These components are carefully selected for their repair potential, and our skilled mechanics then leverage their years of experience to bring them up to our high standards. We even have our own custom-designed 500-hp test bench to make sure our parts are ready for your toughest challenges.

Be sure to ask about our limited warranty, too!

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  • EX300-1
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  • EX300-3C
  • EX300-5
  • EX310H-3
  • . . .
  • & more!

Major Components For Hitachi Excavators

At BRIKERS, we're focused on having all 14 major components for at least three generations of "out of warranty" Hitachi excavators from 120 size through 870 size. 

Hitachi Excavator CabHitachi Excavator Cabs

Hitachi Boom Cylinder
Hitachi Excavator Boom Cylinders

Hitachi Excavator Boom
Hitachi Excavator Booms

Hitachi Excavator Propel Motor
Hitachi Excavator Propel Motor

Hitachi Excavator Control Valve
Hitachi Excavator Control Valve

Hitachi Excavator Final Drive
Hitachi Excavator Final Drive

A Builder, Not A Broker

BRIKERS makes some big claims about our parts inventory and quick shipping, and we back them up with a unique approach to business. Most so-called “parts suppliers” you find online aren’t selling their own parts. They’re acting as middlemen to the actual suppliers and inserting an extra step — and often extra mark-ups — into the process. BRIKERS, however, has its own 44,000-square-foot storage facility that holds more than 10,000 individual components right on-site and ready to go. Once you’ve completed your order it’s just a matter of prepping, packaging, and shipping all at the same location. It makes next-day shipping a breeze, and, in some cases, we can even get your shipment out the same day you place your order!



Top Quality

Built and tested by Red Seal certified technicians

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Up to 60% less than new OEM components

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Over 10,000 parts on our shelves to choose from

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Same day shipping on orders before 2 pm PST

Founded in 1999, BRIKERS has built a well-deserved reputation for supplying high-quality heavy-equipment parts to operators around the world — and doing it quickly and affordably. The key to our success? One of the largest inventories of heavy-duty equipment parts in all of North America, most professionally reconditioned by our certified Red Seal mechanics. They’ll minimize downtime and maximize productivity even in older machines that are no longer supported by brand-new parts.


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